MGdeFierro is a writer by day, and a writer by night. You’ve never heard of her.  She writes specialised non-fiction features and articles in respected publications under her fuller name, and sneaks fiction into the weekends under her nom-de-short.

You can read her latest The Thousand Words stories on Tumblr. You can also read more of her posts and curated content on the Write Stuff to get an idea of how her strange mind works.  If you’re particularly bored, take a peek at what she finds Pinteresting, or follow her on Twitter (mostly on the weekends).

She’s an avid reader, naturally, and you can find her likes and loves on Goodreads.  She keeps her dislikes to herself.

She welcomes perplexing questions and constructive comments.  If you have neither to offer, do keep the gold of your silence.

You can also send her an email to m[at]mgdefierro.com if you want to write a long note, or send an offer of gainful employment in genre fiction, or share something private but in good taste.

She wishes you a pleasant sojourn whenever you are.

Genre is a five letter word.

[Insert Smiley Emoticon Here]

What are your thoughts?

Figuring Out How to Do the Write Thing

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