AIM: The Alliance of Incidental Magi


People like to keep things simple, so they can go ahead and complicate them for themselves. Most have a special talent for the complications, managing to spread them beyond the borders of their own existence until they engulf the reality of all those around them. This can spread, as an airborne disease spreads, until everyone catches it and the complication spreads to encompass whole communities. That’s what we call society. This is why people are unhappy. They want the simple things, but they’ve contracted society. They can’t possibly feel well.

That’s why I try to live alone. Far from the nearest infected person, avoiding communities. You never know what you’re going to catch.

I catch fish.


Every time you open your eyes, you lose the world. Your eyes can only see a small part of all that is there. Your brain catches more than your eyes see, combining the power of all your six senses, but your brain can’t process any of that while you’re awake. That’s why we sleep, and that’s why we dream. In dreams, the brain grapples with all the information it captured which the eyes alone were not enough to acknowledge. It compares that data to other data stored, past, present and future. Yes, future, because dreams take place outside the constraints of conventional space-time. More perceptive people dream stranger dreams. The simple man dreams simple things. Cats dream wondrous dreams. Dogs don’t.


My core philosophy in life is to stay clear of philosophy. The core assumption is that you can make sense of things, and that’s just silly.


You don’t want to know what I think.


You’ve got to laugh, don’t you? I mean, the whole’s just a lark. That’s the only way to keep from going mad. It’s all madness. You’ve got to laugh.


Somebody has to actually do something. Talking is great, but action is even better. I’m not a violent person, by nature. I’ve only learned to fight because not fighting means letting yourself be beaten down—and that’s just not OK. If you get in my face, I’ll pop yours. It’s that simple. You leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.

I don’t think I have trust issues. I just don’t trust anyone. That’s not an issue, that’s resolve. It’s human nature to want to trust someone, and it takes discipline to avoid that trap.

Sitting down makes my legs twitch, sleeping seems like an awful waste of time when you’re going to eventually sleep forever. I’m not at ease when I’m at rest. I don’t have a drug problem.


It’s important to be nice to people. Life is already mean; you don’t have to bother.

What are your thoughts?